Going to the East

I have finally put this thing up – it took me a few days to decide whether having a blog as a good idea, why I wanted one, who my audience is, and how much of my life I wanted to put up in cyberspace.  My ideas on this will likely change, but for now it is a mainly a diary (especially a travel diary) for myself and those who’d like to know what I’m up to.  But in addition to describing noteworthy activities, I’d like to post things that may be interesting or valuable to others: news, links, and my thoughts on various topics.  I cannot say now what kind of “focus” I will have: that is something that I can not know now.  We must wait for the blog to grow up.

It is a good time for me to start this: I just graduated from college, and have been relaxing, reminiscing, and preparing for the next step: going to China.  The end of the past 4 years seems very sudden and the next few years (and even the next few months) are still uncertain for me,  but I am excited and eager to start.   (Living with this kind of uncertainty is not something I like, but I am getting used to it).  The world is a rich and fascinating place, and I would like to discover and understand as much of it as possible.

The downside of being a travel lover is (temporarily) leaving family and friends…but on the other hand the thrill of new sights, sounds, tastes, languages and cultures is incredible!  And just being on the road, and meeting other fellow travelers makes me feel very  alive.  It has been a while since I felt feelings for “home”.  It was hard at first, but now I don’t think this is a necessary feeling.  I can feel at home with myself, my friends and my work,  in motion through space and time.


One response to “Going to the East

  1. You truly are WISE young man…

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