I am currently reading the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius, a collection of thoughts and guidance based on a Stoic philosophy.  The writing is simple, but that can be relaxing after coming home in the evenings from the busy, crowded streets of India.  Much of it is concerned with the fleeting nature of things, and how to cope with this:

Reflect often upon the rapidity with which all existing things, or things coming into existence, sweep past us and are carried away.  The great river of Being flows on without a pause; its actions for ever changing, its causes shifting endlessly, hardly a single thing standing still; while ever at hand looms infinity stretching behind and before – the abyss in which all things are lost to sight.  In such conditions, surely a man were foolish to gasp and fume and fret, as though the time of his trouble could ever be of long continuance (Book V,  23)


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