A Passage to India

This post is about the novel by E. M. Forster, which I am currently reading (I will write about my own passage to India very soon).  It has been an entertaining read, though of course one cannot judge a book without having finished it (a lesson I learned with Captain Corelli’s Mandolin– my recommendation: read the first half and skip the rest).  I may add A Passage to India to my list of recommended books, it is very good so far.  The plot is quite simple, but characterization is well done, and the writing here is excellent.  Here is one passage I liked:

There is little to see, and no eye to see it, until the visitor arrives for his five minutes, and strikes a match. Immediately another flame rises in the depths of the rock and moves towards the surface like an imprisoned spirit; the walls of the circular chamber have been most marvelously polished.  The two flames approach and strive to unite, but cannot, because one of them breathes air, the other stone.  A mirror inlaid with lovely colours divides the lovers, delicate stars of pint and gray interpose, exquisite nebulae, shadings fainter than the tail of a comet or the midday moon, all the evanescent life of the granite, only here visible.


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